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Yemeni Army Destroys 3 Saudi Military Vehicles in Najran



The Yemeni army and popular committees forces destroyed on Saturday three Saudi military vehicles in Najran region.

A military official explained to Saba that an Abrams tank and a hummer and another military vehicle of the Saudi enemy were destroyed in al-Makhroq site in Najran.

These military operations on Saudi sites is a response to the violations of the Saudi aggression against the country, the official said.

National delegation insists on comprehensive solution

The National delegation participating in Kuwait consultations on Saturday confirmed its insistence on a comprehensive solution ensures the cessation of aggression and lifting the siege.

During a session of consultations held in Kuwait with the United Nations envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh, the delegation stressed that the solution agreement should be comprehensive and be signed in one stage without partition.

The delegation underlined that the solution should ensure also the consensus on the executive authorities of the state institutions, including the presidency and the government, as well as the security and military arrangements, stopping the war by land, sea and air, and lifting the blockade.

Yemen has been since March 26, 2015 under brutal aggression by Saudi-led coalition.

Thousands have been martyred and injured in the attack, with the vast majority of them are civilians.

Riyadh launched the attack on Yemen in a bid to restore power to fugitive ex-president Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi who is a close ally to Saudi Arabia.

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