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Yemeni army targets Jet Hangars at ‘Jizan’ Airport, ‘King Khalid’ Airbase on Sunday

The Yemeni Air Force targeted Fighter Jets’ Hangers at Jizan Airport and King Khalid Airbase in Saudi Arabia on Sunday morning.

The Spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree broke the news, saying that Yemeni Air Forces accurately hit Fighter Jets’ Hangers at Jizan airport and King Khalid Airbase with Qasif K2 drones, Al-Masirah reported. 

Drone attacks come in response to continued US-Saudi aggression and siege on Yemen, he added.

On Saturday, Saree announced that the Air Force of the Yemeni Army has carried out drone attacks against Jizan Airport in Saudi Arabia with a number of drones.

Yemen’s Air Force has stepped up the retaliatory attacks on Saudi Arabia in recent months, saying the strikes will continue as long as Riyadh carries on with its airstrikes and blockade.

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