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Yemeni drones target Saudi ‘King Khalid’ Air Base

A spokesman for the Yemeni Armed Forces announced on late Tuesday that King Khalid Air Base in southern Saudi Arabia had been targeted with two drones.

The important and sensitive areas were carefully targeted at King Khalid Air Base in the Khamis Mushait area with two Qasif K2 UAVs, Brigadier General Yahya Saree added.

Saree went on to point out that the attacks were carried out in response to Saudi coalition airstrikes and the ongoing blockade.

The Saudi-led coalition has been bombing Yemen for nearly seven years, imposing a siege, starvation and lack of medical supplies on the Yemeni people, and continuing to kill women and children.

These attacks have led to the destruction of Yemen’s infrastructure and the spread of poverty, unemployment and the spread of infectious diseases in this country.

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