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Yemeni Forces: Abha, Jizan Airports No Longer Secured, Target Circle to Be Expanded

Yemeni Forces announced on Monday that the airports of Abha and Jizan are no longer secured facilities, vowing that the target of circle will be expanded.

Yemeni armed forces spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree said that the allied forces of the Yemeni Army and Popular committees hit Abha airport early Monday, targeting the port’s runway.

“The Saudi-led coalition has been using Abha and Jizan airports since the start of the aggression,” Saree said, calling on Saudi civilians to keep away from these two airports.

“We announce that Abha and Jizan airports are no longer secured and will always be subjected to attacks by Yemeni forces.”

He also threatened that the target circle will be expanded to hit other airports.

Abha and Jizan have been repeatedly hit by Yemeni drones during the last two weeks.

On Sunday, Yemeni forces announced that the two airports were out of service after being hit by Yemeni drones.

Source: Agencies

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