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Yemeni Hezbollah Launches ‘Biggest’ Retaliatory Attack on Zionist Saudi Positions

Yemeni Armed Forces announced they have launched the “biggest-ever” retaliatory attack against Saudi positions, killing and injuring dozens of Saudi-led forces.

Yemeni Armed Forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yahya Saree, announced on Sunday the Yemeni army has fired 10 short-range ballistic missiles at Saudi military sites in Jizan International Airport in its “biggest” attack with such missiles on targets inside Saudi Arabia.

Saree said Yemeni forces launched a newly-developed Nakal (Retribution) missile at the strongholds of Saudi soldiers and their mercenaries in al-Sadis area of the region, located 844 kilometers (524 miles) south of the Saudi capital Riyadh, on Sunday afternoon, leaving dozens of them killed and injured, Yemen’s Beirut-based al-Massirah TV reported.

Saree stated that the operation was launched as part of “a legitimate deterrence for the aggression crimes and siege” against the Yemeni nation.

The Badr-1 missiles targeted the hangars of Saudi warplanes and Apache choppers as well as some military sites in the Jizan Airport, according to al-Massirah TV.

As a result of the attack, dozens of Saudi troopers and Saudi-sponsored militiamen loyal to Yemen’s former president Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi were killed and injured.

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