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Youth & Popular Activities in Support of Reform Program and National Dialogue Continue across Syria

Tens of thousands of Sweida people on Wednesday participated in holding a 2300-meter long and 18-meter wide Syrian flag extending on the road between the Military Police headquarters and the center of Sweida City to reach Kanaker crossroad.

Rabei Dibeh, media coordinator of the initiative, said the activity was held in response to a campaign launched by the Syrian youth under the title “Raise with us the Biggest Syria Flag in Sweida, the Rock of Basalt”.
The participants stressed deep belonging to the homeland, expressing their support to the comprehensive reform program and their rejection of any foreign interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

“It is a great honor to raise the flag of my sacred homeland in gratitude of all it has offered us,” said engineer Amal Abu al-Izz.
Damascus People File Lawsuit against Al-Jazeera TV Channel

In Damascus, tens of citizens gathered in front of the Justice Palace, filing a lawsuit against al-Jazeera TV and other biased channels for broadcasting false fabricated news.

Head of the coordination committee between the popular campaign for collecting the complainants’ signatures and the Syrian Bar Association, Lawyer Ammar Bilal, said the campaign aims at holding these channels accountable for their participation in the killing of large numbers of citizens through reporting misleading information and sowing sedition.

He added that al-Jazeera TV will be prosecuted through the channel’s office in Syria while the prosecution of the channels outside Syria will be through a legal committee formed for this purpose.

One of the organizers Mohammad Sameh as-Sallakh said the campaign was launched by a youth group through social networking sites over 3 months, adding that more than 1500 signatures were collected since the morning.

Cultural Evening in Aleppo to Stress National Unity

Thousands of the Syrians participated in the cultural and artistic evening held in Aleppo on Wednesday.

Starting with the Syrian national anthem, prominent figures delivered speeches on the homeland unifying the Syrian people, calling upon citizens and religious men to cooperate in foiling all plots targeting Syria.

The evening also included lightening candles and praying to God to preserve Syria’s people and leadership from all evils.

Head of the organizing committee George Bakhash said the popular participation in this celebration stresses that what brings the Syrians together is their love to the homeland, calling for supporting the comprehensive reform program and the national dialogue to face all attempts of foreign interference.

Lattakia Teachers Honor Army and Armed Forces Members

In Lattakia, Jabla branch of the Syrian Teachers’ Union held a ceremony in honor of the army and armed forces who sacrificed their souls to preserve the safety of the citizens.

The participants stressed that Syria will always be strong due to its national unity, steadfastness and its leadership’s determination for reform and development.

Blood donation campaign in Qamishli
In al-Qamishli, the Activity of “Syria is good” organized a campaign of blood donation in appreciation for the Syrian Army sacrifices and in support of the comprehensive reform process in the country.

Participants in the campaign stressed that this activity is an indication to the Syrian people’s unity and their standing by the national army to face conspiracies to which Syria is exposed.

A number of civil and popular bodies in al-Hasaka also organized a campaign to support the Syrian Pound through depositing money at the Real Estate Bank of al-Hasaka.

“The deposits of this campaign reached SYP 28 millions until today,” Ali Abdullah, Director of the Real Estate branch said.

Activities in Support of Comprehensive Reform Program in Tartous

In Tartous governorate, workers at Tartous Cement Factory held a gathering to show support for the comprehensive reform program, affirm the unity of the Syrian people and reject attempts at foreign interference.

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