Zarif calls nuclear critics for fairness in judgment

Zarif calls nuclear critics for fairness in judgment

Iran’s FM has called insider nuclear critics for more fairness and heed for country’s national interests.

Mehr News quoted Mohammad Javad Zarif’s Facebook post after arriving in Tehran. “It is 10:45 PM Sunday night. Just arrived at home. Before posting a report drafted in airplane, I would like to thank all present in airport for welcoming us. No event was sweeter than seeing you. And I am very sorry that our guardsmen wouldn’t let me get out of the automobile. The first news was the Leader’s kindness in response to Mr. President’s letter, where he bestowed grace upon his children as before, and the loving messages from other friends. Your care and support brought tears of joy into our eyes as your modest serving staff. Thanks to all and God. I would appeal to God to make us deserving such attentions.

Negotiations and reaching a deal was a difficult task, since in no time did the sides agree on a draft that included all demands by all sides. Only could those engaged in the process and ups and downs of negotiations understand the scope and extent of political fighting, persistence, stamina, accepting risks of failure and defeat necessary for finding a favorable expression or blocking the other side from winning additional points in the negotiations.

They would know well that what would lie behind those smiles and joking before the press cameras; what tensions would be resisted; what challenges would be faced in discussions. The art of a diplomat is to conceal all those disturbances and pressures behind the façade of smiles.

However, relying on God’s unending blessing bestows on us peace of mind no other political and military power would confront. However, we would not boast to be impeccability. We knew from the outset that we had a tough job ahead, and we should have expended all support, prestige bestowed upon us by the nation and the System.

We would welcome constructive and benevolent criticism, but we expect in return that our friends in political circles bring in mind two considerations; fairness of judgment and more important, national interests. In other words, they would not forget the difference between reading a political manifesto and political bargaining and heated debate, and they would also understand the atmosphere governing the negotiations, and how to exploit every tools at their disposal in the negotiation process to alleviate the impact of past failures in building common understanding, and even turn the tide for themselves.

You should be alert that Zionists and other warmongers all extremely on edge and they would spare no pretext and device to bring a deal dubbed a deal of the century for Iran, into nothing.

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