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Zelaya: Congress not apt to vote on his future

Deposed Honduran President Manuel Zelaya says the Congress is not apt to vote on his future, as the lawmakers who backed his ouster begin to discuss his return.

Pressure remained on politicians to resolve the five-month crisis after many Latin American governments warned they would not restore ties with Honduras unless Zelaya was allowed to finish his term, which ends in January 27.

Divisions in the Central American nation have remained wide after disputed weekend elections held under the de facto regime, in which conservative Porfirio Lobo claimed a solid victory.

The United States, a key business partner, and the European Union, a key donor, said they saw the polls as an important first step forward, but many in Latin America, starting with Brazil, said they served to whitewash the coup.

The Honduran drama moved to the Congress Wednesday, where dozens of soldiers deployed to face off with scores of Zelaya supporters, while lawmakers contemplated Zelaya’s restitution.

Zelaya blamed the Congress for illegally backing his ouster.

The military packed Zelaya off in his pajamas on June 28 after critics, including the Congress and Supreme Court, said he acted against the constitution and tried to illegally extend term limits.

Lobo, who backed the coup, has so far refused to take a stance on Zelaya’s return, saying that lawmakers must decide.

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