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‘Zionism against peace, humanity’

‘Zionism against peace, humanity’

A former member of the US House of Representatives says Zionism is a globalist phenomenon against peace, decency and humanity.
‘Zionism against peace, humanity’
“Zionism is a worldwide phenomenon. It is a globalist phenomenon. They dominate international banks with enormous financial power. They dominate the world’s media, and they dominate the political structure,” said Dr. David Duke.

The former member of the US House added that in America “every politician knows that if they support Israel they will get positive response in the media.”

Duke, however, stated that if the politicians “dare to put America first and the interests of the world first and the interest of peace and decency and humanity first, they will be condemned and thrown out of Congress.”

“There is simply not one American Congressman truly willing to stand up to the Zionists in this country. They have been bought off. It’s the best Congress money can buy and it’s shameful to the American people,” Duke said.

The former US politician called for the people around the globe to “learn about Zionism.”

He said the issue of Zionism is “a worldwide problem” and the Zionists are “behind what we call globalism, which is really an effort toward world government… [an] extremist Messianic vision of the world.”

People should be educated on this issue, Duke said, adding that in “doing this we begin to change everything and I believe we’re doing that every day.”

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