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Zionism is after making division among Muslims

“The arrogant world and Zionism are  after making division among Muslims try to exploit any condition to damage them,” said head of the Imam Sadeq( PBUH) Research Institute.

“God ordered Muslims in his holy book to make proximity among each other and eschew from division, “said head of the Imam Sadeq( PBUH) .

Ayatollah Jafar Sobhani went on,” that order is the most important reason for us to make unity among each other.”

“During the history Muslims always refer to this verse and avoid from divisions,” the cleric said.

The Grand Ayatollah again refers to the history and said,” Whenever Muslims became united, they power has multipled.”

“The enemies of Islam got this important point about Muslims, so start making a division among Muslims from different denominations,” Ayatollah Sobhani underlined.

“Today Muslims should underscore the commonalties and similarities that exist among themselves,” said head of the Imam Sadeq( PBUH) Research Institute.

“They have to eschew division and any issues which causes division among themselves,” Ayatollah Sobhani mentioned.

The Grand Ayatollah pointed to the role of Islamic scholars in the Muslim world and underscored,” Islamic scholars should do their best to write, compile and publish books which deal with commonalities.”

“Zionism during the history tried so hard to show that Quran is diverted and the arrogant world exploited any condition to damage Islam,” he went on.

“That is the reason why we should do our best to be united and highlighted the verses order us to be united,” he concluded.

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