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Zionist Army leader cancels visit to London for fear of arrest

Zionist Newspaper, Yediot Ahronot, confirmed yesterday that the Israeli authorities cancelled senior Israeli army officer visit to London for the purpose of study for fear of arrest due to his role of committing war crimes against the Palestinian civilians.

The newspaper said that the officer was Col. Udi Ben Moha, who was the military commander of the brigade stationed in the Hebron area.

It should be mentioned that several Israeli leaders canceled their visits to many regions in the world for fear of arrest due to committing war crimes against Palestinian civilians.

His military abuse for the Palestinians

The former military commander of the occupation in Hebron, Lt.-Col. Udi ben Moha or “Udi ben Muha” and his thugs, Lt.-Col. Aviv Feigel and Police Commander Menashe Aveshalom Peled (or “Moshe Aveshalom Peled” or “Aveshalom Peled”) continue their career of systematic crimes and attacks against the Palestinian civilians and their property in the occupied city of Hebron, under the eyes of Palestinian Authority and of the molesters, drunkards from the TIPH.

Lt.-Col. Udi Ben Moha and the Colonel Peled, who are both well known as religious extremists, freed the hand of the criminal Jewish settlers in Hebron and continue turning the heart of the old city of Hebron into a concentration camp sealed by metallic gates, a policy introduced by Yehuda Fuchs, the former IDF commander in Hebron, expanded their theft of Hebron area H2 under their control to Hebron area H1 under nominal the PA control, (In 1997 the Hebron Protocol (part of Oslo II), signed by the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority divided Hebron into two areas: H2 under Israeli military control and H1 supposedly under Palestinian control “civilian and security authority”). They shut down and vandalized the charities of the orphanage in Hebron H1, and then moved to shut down the radio and TV stations.

On Wednesday 20 August 2008, Lt. Col. Udi Ben Moha , Lt. Col. Aviv Feigel and Colonel Peled, the Police Commander of Hebron, send their criminal soldiers and police in company of two civilian officials from the Israeli ministry of communications, in company of military and police vehicles, raided and shut down three local radio Stations: Wan FM Radio, BBC Radio, and Freedom Radio Al-Huryyah in the city, they appropriated the equipment and terrorized the workers. The Israelis kidnapped two managers: Mahmoud Kanabi, who was on-air broadcasting a program, and Muhammad Kafesha, and took them to an unknown destination. They then proceeded to vandalize and ransack the TV Station Al-Majed in Hebron.

Udi ben Moha, the new military commander of Hebron, is a war criminal responsible for hundres of murders, for the destruction of dozens of houses and other private and public property, and thousands of dunums of agricultural land in Gaza.

The General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists, Aidan White, expressed his anger about the intolerance of the Israeli authorities due the illegal closure of these Palestinian Radio stations. He promised that he would follow the issue. Finally, he issued the press release which is quoted below:

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