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Zionist Army Storms Aqsa Mosque, Clashes with Palestinian Worshippers

aksa2 (1)The Zionist army stormed Friday the courtyards of Aqsa Mosque and launched tear gases, suffocating a number of Palestinians.Aqsa Mosque Clashes

The Israeli army had also targeted the worshippers, including women and children, throwing stun grenades and rubber bullets indiscriminately on them.

The Israeli troops further besieged the Palestinian worshippers within the courtyards of the mosque and closed its main gates and prevented providing medical services to the wounded.

The Israeli occupation troops forcefully cleared a Palestinian protest camp in the Jordan Valley on Friday; the camp witnessed a demonstration against the Israeli refusal to pull out of the area in any future “peace deal.”

“At 1:30 am (on Friday, 2330 GMT on Thursday) the army raided the village unexpectedly,” activist Diana al-Zeer said.

“They started throwing sound grenades and were very violent while they evacuated us.”

As a result, at least seven Palestinians were wounded.

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