Zionist daily: We Must Open ’A Channel of Dialogue’ with Hizbullah to Convey Message of Calm


Under the title, “Should “Israel” favor containment or war?”, “Israeli” Ynet daily highlighted that “in light of the fast changing situation on the borders, “Israel” should have a channel of dialogue with Hizbullah in order to convey calming messages – including quiet non-aggression agreements.”

“Israeli” soldiers crying

According to the daily, “Hizbullah and the Iranians responded to the [Quneitera] operation separately, each promising revenge.”

It further revealed some aspects of the Zionist confusion: “”Israel’s” conduct was more complicated in the first stages. “Israel” did not claim responsibility for the assassination, although the conditions of its execution in broad daylight made it difficult to conceal the operators’ identity. It seemed that “Israel” had originally aspired to “contain” the incident by denying its involvement, apparently hoping to prevent an additional deterioration that way.”

“But this is where two goals became more complicated: The first goal was to “contain” the incident vis-à-vis Hizbullah and the Iranians, and the second goal was to encourage the “Israeli” public. At first, a senior “Israeli” official was quoted as saying that “Israel” was unaware of the Iranian’s presence at the site, but several days later the “defense” minister ruled that the general’s assassination was essential.”

“And then came the “Mount Dov” incident which left two Givati fighters dead. This incident prompted [Sayyed] Nasrallah to deliver an elaborate speech in which he created an analogy between the Golan Heights and Mount Dov incidents: They both occurred in broad daylight, they both achieved goals, and therefore the two fronts – the Golan Heights and southern Lebanon – are one.”

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