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Zionist Estimations Indicate ‘Great Failure’ on Iran, Resistance Capabilities

Latest Israeli estimations indicated what they called ‘great failure’ regarding Iran’s presence in Syria during 2021 as well as the developing capabilities of the Palestinian and Lebanese Resistance.

According to a report by Al-Manar’s Editor of Hebrew Affairs Hasan Hijazi, Israeli media cited several assessments that reported the Zionist entity’s failure in coping with ‘threats’ by Iran, especially regarding the presence in Syria, as well as by Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance.

“Challenges facing Israel regarding the Iranian presence in Syria are growing from a year to another. The ability to move freely in the Lebanese skies (in order to take photos and gather data on Syria) has been also affected,” said Roy Sharon, the military correspondent for Israeli Kann News, as cited by Al-Manar report on Wednesday.

“According to estimations by Israeli military 70% of arms transfer from Syria to Hezbollah are being prevented. This percentage is surely inaccurate, and the question here: What about the remaining 30% and what does it include? Does it include game-changing weapons? This issue is a source of concern according to Israel,” Sharon added, as quoted by our editor.

For his part, Israeli commentator on Arab affairs Zvi Yehezkeli said that despite 1600 Israeli raids in Syria, the Iranians are still there, noting that this “indicates the great motivation” the Islamic Republic has in Syria.

“Letting Iran out of Syria is not a simple issue. The Iranians have just wrapped up a drill in which they threatened to attack Dimona nuclear site. They are going ahead with their project in Syria,” Yehezkeli added.

The Israeli assessment also tackled ‘threats’ by Palestinian Resistance, with Itay Blumental, the military correspondent for Israeli Channel 11, reporting a rise in the operations against Israeli occupation in the West Bank.

“We witnessed 61 shooting attacks in 2021. The number of such attacks reached 31 during the last year,” Blumental said.

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