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Zionist general renews threats against Iran

An Israel official has once again threatened Iran with military confrontation by repeating the famous phrase of “all options should remain on the table.”

While on a visit to New York, the Chief of staff of Israel’s armed forces, Gabi Ashkenazi, said Iran was the main threat to world peace and accused the Islamic Republic of trying to create instability in the Middle East.

“Therefore the international community must stop the Iranian nuclear program for its own sake, while all options should remain on the table,” Ashkenazi told a dinner hosted by the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces on Tuesday.

The event, hosted by the pro-Israeli military group, drew a crowd of demonstrations, who demanded an end to Tel Aviv’s crimes against Palestinians.

Meanwhile in Israel, US Vice President Joe Biden said Washington and its allies were trying to use diplomatic means to pressure Tehran into abandoning its nuclear program.

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