Zionist Israel: Hezbollah threatens us from underground

hezbollah-hamas-nazi-salute-2The major officer of the Operation Department of Israeli Army has warned from the escalated risks on the northern front, specifically towards Lebanon, noting that “the threat from Hezbollah escalates and threatens the possibility of a rapid deterioration, which drives the army to intensify its military maneuvers.”
The Israeili officer has pointed that “Hezbollah has established tunnels and corridors under the villages and the residential areas of Lebanon. To bring the Israeli troops to fighting there” clarifying that “the threatening from underground or the Lebanese categorical has been developed during the recent years”.
The Israeli news Network “Israel Defense” quotes of the Israeli officer as saying: “The current situation in southern Lebanon refers to the existence of a significant difference and an enormous between the size of the building underground, experienced by the army during the Second War of Lebanon, and that is what we will face in the next battle, which will be much bigger, “he said …

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