Zionist Israel informed double-faced Russia before launching attack in Syria

 Israel informed Russia before they launched their attack on the Syrian city of Masyaf over the weekend, Asharq Al-Awsat claimed in a new article on Monday.

Citing the military circles in Tel Aviv, the publication claimed that the Israeli Air Force targeted a base that contained Russian S-300 air defense batteries.

“The sources said that Russia’s silence over the attack, as well as another some two weeks ago against an Iranian military position near Aleppo, reveals the significant development that has taken place in security coordination between Tel Aviv and Moscow,” Asharq Al-Awsat reported.

“The weekend’s Hama attack, which killed Iranian military personnel, served as the first test to this deal. Moscow did not object to or criticize it despite the presence of a base that holds S-300 batteries in the vicinity,” they added.

The publication did not specify if any of the S-300 batteries were harmed; however, a Syrian military source told Al-Masdar over the weekend that this air defense system was not targeted.

Furthermore, the source said the Israeli airstrikes primarily targeted storages in the northern part of Masyaf.

There is little doubt that Israel didn’t inform Russia prior to the attack because there are several Russian military personnel currently active in the area.

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