Zionist Israeli regime expert: Any offensive on Gaza will fail


Whoever thinks that the latest military operation on the Gaza Strip had been a real hit has just to think twice before claiming so, Israeli military analyst Ronny Daniel said on the occasion of the first anniversary of last summer’s Israeli offensive on blockaded Gaza.

“One year has passed by since the Protective Edge was carried out but nothing has changed on the ground,” he said.

“After one year has elapsed, it seems we need to question our expectations,” Daniel stated. “Whoever thinks the military operation on Gaza has restored absolute peace is just mistaken and has to reconsider his/her expectations.”

The Gaza Strip will keep haunting Israel in the future even if another military operation is carried out, he said, adding that if Israel wishes to boost its chances in Gaza it has to force all the inhabitants out of their homes, which is not easy and not practical.

“One year has passed by since the latest operation but facts on the ground have remained the same. Hamas has resumed tunnel digging and armament in anticipation of another attack,” he further stated

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