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zionist israelis set fire to mosque in West Bank

israeli extremists have once again set fire to a Palestinian mosque in the occupied West Bank, Press TV reports.

Extremist israeli settlers torched the mosque in the village of Burqa on Thursday.

The extremists also scrawled graffiti on the walls of the mosque. The graffiti indicated that the attack was carried out “in response to the dismantling of two buildings” in an illegal israeli settlement outpost several hours earlier in the day.

israeli settlers also set fire to a mosque in the western part of al-Quds (Jerusalem) on Wednesday.

In recent months, the settlers have increased attacks on Palestinian mosques. On many occasions, the attacks have led to clashes with Palestinians.

The latest attack in Burqa was apparently carried out in line with the so-called “price tag” policy.

zionist israeli extremists say the “price tag” attacks are carried out against any israeli policy “to reduce the presence of Jewish settlers and settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank and East al-Quds.”

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