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zionist Israel’s First Mistake in Iran Attack will be Its Last: Vahidi


Iranian Defense Minister Ahmad Vahidi warned on Wednesday the Zionist entity from taking a military action against the Islamic Republic, stating that “the Israeli entity’s first mistake in any military action against Iran, will be its last mistake… because Iran will strongly respond to any act of aggression.”

Vahidi said that “the Zionist-American threats lacked any value, and at the same time, they refer to the enemies’ aggressive nature, and reveal their forged and deceptive claims.”

The Iranian official expressed his regret that the US defense policy is controlled by the Zionist lobby, adding that US officials “should worry about solving their internal problems instead of launching threats, funding, and arming the criminal Israeli entity.

On the coming presidential election in the Islamic Republic, Vahidi said that “the epic and massive participation in this election will be a firm response to the pressure, threats, and embargos… such a participation will definitely defeat the enemies’ plots.”

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