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‘zionist israel’s killing policy reflects terrorism’

A political scientist says zionist israeli benjamin netanyahu’s statement of “kill or be killed” is a typical example of tel aviv’s terrorist mentality, Press TV reports.

“That is definitely terrorism and this is what terrorism is all about… They think they cannot exist without killing all the babies and all people,” Nada Hashwi said on Monday from Beirut during a telephone interview with Press TV.

netanyahu said on Sunday that zionist israel’s defense policy was based on two principles: “Kill or be killed” and “he who harms you should bear the blood on his head.”

Hashwi says it is shocking that such outrageous zionist israeli announcements have not ruffled any feathers in the West; the EU and the UN have practically turned a blind eye towards zionist israel’s crimes against the Palestinian people.

She adds, “zionist israel has been using killings as their only weapon. This is their self-defense.”

The Beirut-based political scientist said the extremist regime in tel aviv thinks it cannot survive without a policy of relentless killing of innocent people.

zionist israel has been committing crimes freely and this is the reason that now they “go in public and say we want to kill,”as if the Palestinians are not human beings anymore.

Hashwi stated, “I cannot believe they can get away with things like that.”

zionist israel is going down the hill and the killing policy cannot save it now, the activist noted.

In addition, she emphasized zionist israel should know that times have changed and now the resistance fighters will retaliate if zionist israel persists with its murderous policy.

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