Zionist lobby withdraws complaint against S African Radio 786

Zionist lobby withdraws complaint against Radio 786

A local radio station in South Africa has foiled a Zionist lobby’s attempt to have its broadcasts curtailed over its coverage of developments related to the issue of Palestine, Press TV reports.

Radio 786 made headlines after the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD) withdrew a complaint against the station over a program it aired in 1998.

The program countered Israel’s 50th anniversary celebrations by taking a look at Zionism and the creation of Israel.

However, the Board labeled the discussion as a hate speech.

The Islamic Unity Convention (IUC), the station’s license-holder, believes the move is part of a broader campaign to silence the media.

“For us it was about media freedom; the fact that media has a role to bring these contentious issues to the fore and we see that Radio 786 has a significant play in that regard,” says IUC Secretary Ali Mia Chiktay,
The board had demanded an apology and that the station not broadcast any content which the Jewish board was uncomfortable with – the Zionist lobby failed in both cases though.

In a statement, the Jewish Board said it is satisfied with the outcome of this case, and that it believes it has been vindicated in that it pursued this matter for 16 years.

But even some supporters of the Board have noted that the IUC had not moved one iota from its original position and that what had happened in effect here is that the Jewish Board has backed down and wanted a settlement.

Radio 786 believes the lobby group backed down after testimony given by its key witnesses, including a historian and Holocaust survivor, collapsed under cross-examination.

The victory for Radio 786 comes despite this particular case being discussed in the Israeli parliament, Knesset.

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