Zionist Loyal Puppet Al-khalifa surrenders Manama

Al-khalifa surrenders Manama
Bahraini opposition groups and organizations say the more we get closer to Feb. 14 the more pressure the regime puts on its opponents.
In Bahrain, opponents of al-Khalifa announced that the regime’s security forces have intensified pressure on the opponents and activists, and they are trying to block any demonstrations, protests, sit-ins or any peaceful protests in Manama. They were supposed to continue their protests on the continuous bases for 16 days.

The largest opposition group, al-Wefaq, announced that several groups and opposition organizations were also trying to hold protests rallies, which were blocked by al-Khalifa regime security forces.

Al-Wefaq accused al-Khalifa regime’s security forces to prevent people from peaceful demonstrations. Troops have encircle Manama, and they are creating and installing security barriers around different parts of the city and freeways leading city center, and rounding up people to prevent peaceful demonstrations. Al-Wefaq group stressed that despite all the tactics adopted by the regime to prevent them from demonstration, they will continue their protest on different parts of the city.

Bahraini regime has not respondent to the charges by the opposition groups so far. Protesters had very large demonstration in west of Manama, last Friday, and they consider that the beginning of 16 days protests, for the second anniversary of the Bahrain revolution, better known as “Lolo Revolution” (Pearl Revolution), which was put down by al-Khalifa regime security forces.

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