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Zionist Mossad Chief Cohen Says Saudi Normalization ‘Close’: Report

Mossad director Yossi Cohen said a normalization announcement between the Zionist entity and Saudi Arabia is close and there could be major developments following the US presidential elections depending on who wins.

The Jerusalem Post cited a report by N12 that in the pre-dawn hours of Sunday morning Cohen had said privately to those around him that the Saudis were waiting until after the US election, but that they could potentially announce normalization as a “gift” to the winner.

The implication from the N12 report was that such an announcement could even come almost immediately after the election.

However, the Post said it has learned that the N12 report either misunderstood or did not fully flesh out what Cohen had said.

What Cohen actually said to those around him was that if US President Donald Trump wins reelection, there could be an almost immediate announcement.

Yet, if as the polls suggest, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden wins the election, though the Saudis would still want a normalization deal with the Zionist entity, there would not necessarily be a clear timeline.

Cohen had emphasized that the Saudis “did not want to give a gift to Trump and then get nothing for it upon a Biden administration taking over the reins.”

Rather, Cohen understands that a Biden administration may want to link normalization with the Saudis to progress with negotiations with the Palestinians – the opposite tactic of the Trump administration which is trying to pressure the Palestinians to show flexibility in negotiations with Israel by moving ahead with normalization deals without them, according to the Post.

Source: Israeli media

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