zionist occupation puts 10-year-old child on trial

The occupation authorities have transferred today two children from the village of Kafr Dan west of Jenin, to a military Court for trial, to join dozens of other Palestinian children held in the Israeli occupation jails.

The family of the two detained children appealed to human rights organizations and to the international movement for the defense of children to immediately intervene and release the children.

According to a press statement issued by the family, the detention of Ihsan Abed (10 years) and his brother Ayman Rajeh Abed (12 years), who had been held in Megiddo Prison, was extended by the occupation authorities that have transferred them to the military court on Thursday, under false and flimsy pretexts

The family also revealed that occupation forces had arrested the two brothers from the agricultural lands in the area of Marj Ibn Amer a few days ago, and then had taken them to an unknown destination.

For its part, the international movement for the defense of children said that hundreds of Palestinian children, under the age of 18, are held in the Israeli occupation prisons, and are exposed to different forms of torture.

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