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Zionist occupation will be defeated at next war

Palestinian professor Abdul Sattar Qassim, a teacher of political science at Al-Najah University stated that :” state of occupation” may not be celebrating the sixty third anniversary of it’s foundation for the next year.

Justifying that for the current regional changes, and that the balance of terror does not play in favor of the occupation; ” where the balance of power changed after it was for occupation, and evidences for this are many”.

Dr.Qassaim mentioned in a press release on-Wednesday- (21-4-2010),” that the next war will have a lot of changes on ground, and occupation will be defeated, but without eliminating it completely.

He pointed out that the occupation is falling at different levels, and the forces of resistance is growing stronger despite all the obstacles by the West and America.

Zionist writers no longer talking about the wisdom of administration of population under the occupation, but talking about the time occupation may survive, he added.

He emphasized that ” factions of resistance imposed a new reality in the region, and started to change the balance of power in their favor, and that these balances will inevitably lead to a satisfactory solution for the Palestinian people.

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