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Zionist Puppet Bahrain FM ludicrous remarks against Iran

Bahrain FM ludicrous remarks against IranBahrain FM has said that Iran was to blame for Saddam Hussein’s war on this country and invasion of Kuwait. Bahrain, a tiny country in Persian Gulf, was separated from Iran in 1970 with US and UK conspiracy.
While Bahrain suppression of its people for their fairly demanded rights continues with green light from false claimants to human rights protection and their Western allies, and of course with the Saudi Arabian army support, to evade human rights violation accusations in Bahrain, Al Khalifa FM in ludicrous remarks has blamed Iran as being responsible for the Iraqi imposed war, occupation of Kuwait, and all regional conflicts.

Speaking his bold claims to a Saudi Arabian daily, Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa gave verdict of guilty for Iran for all regional unrest and said “All trouble, including the Iran-Iraq war, invasion of Kuwait, clashes in Lebanon and Yemen, terrorism, and the current regional situation began at 1979.”

Bahrain FM , negligent of the colonialists hand in separating his country from its motherland Iran, and the fact that Bahrain is now home to the United States Fifth Fleet, lavished praise on the fallen Shah, US regional kingpin, saying that “This was Shah who seperated Bahrain from Iran and recognized it.”

Bahrain has faced peaceful uprising by the people since Feb. 14, 2011. Al Khalifa regime, unable to control the situation, has been aided by the Peninsula Shield Force of Saudi Arabia, who has dispatched 1000 armed forces to Bahrain to crack down and batter the Bahraini people.

So far 100 Bahrainis have been killed in peaceful demonstrations by toxic tear gas, 35 of them children.

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