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Zionist Puppet Bahraini Regime sentences 13 citizens to 5 to 7 years of imprisonment


Appeals Court of Bahrain’s Al Khalifa ruling government on Sunday sentenced 13 Bahraini citizens to five to seven years behind the bars on charges of political activities.
Bahrain sentences 13 citizens to 5 to 7 years of imprisonment
According to the information website of Bahrain’s Al Wifaq Party four Bahraini citizens from Al Deir district of that country have been sentenced to seven-year imprisonment terms accused of getting engaged in a quarrel with and insulting a police officer!

The Bahraini Appeals Court has meanwhile sentenced 9 Bahraini political activists, including Sadiq al-Shaabani, an actor, Hussain Habil, a cameraman, and Jassem al-Naimi, an internet activist, to five-year imprisonment terms, accused of political activities.

These people who have been under arrest of Al Khalifa agents have in numerous occasions complained about being badly tortured and deprived of even most primary living rights.

Bahrain’s Al Wifaq Party has in a communiqué issued on the occasion announced that the Bahraini regime takes maximum advantage of its Judiciary system aimed at humiliating the opposition forces and the country’s defenseless political activists.

That is while in early September, 1014, 47 member countries of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva, too, issued a communiqué expressing deep concern about the serious breaching of the most primitive human rights in Bahrain.

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