Zionist regime claims Iran fired missile into occupied Golan Heights

Zionist regime accused Iran of firing a missile into the occupied Golan Heights on Sunday after the former launched several projectiles towards Damascus.

According to the spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), Jonathon Conricus, the Iranian attack was“not a spur-of-the-moment” response, but rather, it was an attack that had been planned for several months in advance.

“We understand that the Iranians are trying to change the context and deter us from our policy and our strategy of fighting Iranian troops in Syria,” Conricus said, as quoted by the Times of Israel.

“They thought they could change the rules of engagement. Our response was a rather clear one, with a message to Iran and Syria that our policies have not changed,” he added.

Iran has not responded to these allegations from the Israeli Defense Forces; however, Iran stated in the past that they do not have a military presence or base inside the country.

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