Zionist regime tanks cross border fence to enter Lebanese territory

 On Tuesday, three Israeli army tanks violated the technical fence in the southern town of Mays al-Jabal within the Blue Line, on the southern Lebanese border.

According to the Lebanese An-Nahar website, “two Israeli army tanks broke through the technical fence on the border between the town of Mays al-Jabal and the occupied Palestinian territories, and settled in the disputed area in Kroum al-Sharqi, west of the town.”

The Lebanese website added that “a third tank came and settled on the military road opposite the area,” stressing that “the Israeli forces fired an incendiary phosphorous bomb, which set fire to the disputed area between the technical fence and the Blue Line during the retreat of the two tanks into the technical fence in the Kroum al-Sharaqi area in Mays al-Jabal.”

On Monday, Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz warned of “dangerous repercussions for any new war between Israel and the Lebanese Hezbollah,” stressing that Israel “will not hesitate to fight another battle in Lebanon if it is imposed on it.”

Israeli President Reuven Rivlin said, “His country’s direction is not towards war with Lebanon, but in light of the tensions on the northern borders, it is ready and fully prepared to face all possibilities.”

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