Zionist Regime’s Bid to Annex Muslims’ Al-Aqsa Mosque


Zionist Regime’s Bid to Annex Muslims’ Al-Aqsa Mosque

The Aqsa Foundation notified of Israeli intents to urge the future Zionist government to endorse the bid as a means to set the stage for establishing a Jewish synagogue over parts of the holy Mosque, PIC reported.

The move comes after the Yishai organization, led by the fanatic rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, failed to reap the authorities’ approval of a request to enlist al-Aqsa’s overall area as an Israeli property.

The Yishai organization claimed that al-Buraq plaza was fully registered in 1996 as an Israeli-run Tabu.

The Foundation warned of an Israeli tender to build a Jewish synagogue in the eastern part of the al-Aqsa compound, between the Marwani Masjid and Bab al-Rahma.

The bid falls in line with the Zionist regime’s mounting Judaization plans, aimed at grabbing hold of the Mosque and enforcing a spatio-temporal division on the compound, and with Israel’s calculations for future elections and Judaization complots.

The fact that the Israeli occupation has ceaselessly tightened noose around the necks of Muslim worshipers and sit-inners on a quasi-daily basis stands as a living proof to Israel’s malevolent intents and the serious repercussion laid by its Judaization schemes, the statement added.

AFEH vowed that all Israeli “dreams” to set up the alleged temple on the ruins of the holy Aqsa Mosque shall never see the day and that the compound, covering an overall 144-dunum-area, will remain Muslims’ own crown of honor.

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