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Zionist Regime’s Cabinet Member Delivers Intelligence to Tehran

An Iranian security official derided the Mossad chief’s threatening comments that the Zionist regime will act against the Islamic Republic on Iranian soil, saying the Zionists are aware who has snitched on their agents in Malaysia.

Speaking to Tasnim, the Iranian intelligence official reacted to the recent remarks by Mossad chief David Barnea who has warned that the Israeli regime will act against the Islamic Republic with a painful response on Iranian soil.

“It is natural for the Zionists to be angry when they cannot prevent their cabinet member from delivering their government’s intelligence to Tehran or when the online videos of explosions in Tel Aviv and occupied Jerusalem al-Quds go viral in the social networks of our youth of the 2000s,” the official said.

Describing Barnea’s remarks as a testimony to the consecutive defeats of Mossad in the face of Iran’s intelligence organizations, the Iranian official added, “The Zionists killed six of their officers to cut off the Iranian intelligence services’ domination and have eliminated a number of others recently as well. They, nevertheless, could not disrupt Iran’s dominance or find out who and at what level has fully informed Tehran of their plot to disintegrate Iran. This issue has made them confused and puzzled.”

The official said that the Zionists themselves are aware which organization has snitched on their agents in Malaysia and know why and how their officers have been displaced in the world.

“We understand the feelings of the Mossad chief because their scheme has been spoiled, while our game has just begun,” the official stated.

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