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Zionist Repercussions of Failed Op in Gaza’s Khan Yunis Deep, Extensive

Zionist journalist, Amos Harel, said that the repercussions of the Israeli operation in Khan Yunis last November could be “deep and extensive.”


“They will necessitate a reassessment of the way the Israeli army operates special forces in sensitive missions behind enemy lines, the assignment and coordination of missions among the various intelligence organizations and the drawing up of boundaries of authority and responsibility within the Military Intelligence Directorate,” Harel wrote in an article published by Israeli daily, Haaretz.

“In many respects, it seems that this is an incident the effects of which will be even greater than those of other botch-ups attributed to Israeli intelligence, including the assassination of Hamas official Mahmoud al-Mabhouh in Dubai in 2010 or the capture of intelligence cells in Lebanon a year earlier,” the journalist who is specialized in Israeli military and defense issues wrote.

The failed operation in Gaza’s Khan Yunis in Novermber 11, 2018, had led to the death of an Israeli officer, as well as seven Hamas fighters.

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