Zionist Settlers attack Qods village, try to burn down mosque

images_News_2013_10_07_racist-graffiti_300_0Zionist settlers attacked Beit Egza village, to the north west of occupied Qods, at dawn Monday and tried to burn down its mosque.

Mohammed Ghaith, a resident of the village and an eyewitness, told the Quds Press reporter that he saw five young Jewish settlers while drawing racist signs and insults to prophet Mohammed on the mosque’s wall before dawn.

He said that the assailants failed to enter the mosque and torch it because of the presence of vigilantes inside it. He added that the settlers damaged the mosque’s gate and spray-painted the Star of David on its wall along with other racist slogans.

Ghaith said that the settlers then burned down two cars and sprayed racist and insulting graffiti on nearby walls.

He said that he saw the settlers then flee to the nearby Ramot settlement, adding that it was not the first time the village and its inhabitants were targeted by Ramot settlers but it was the first time that they dared attack the mosque and try to torch it.

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