Zionist Snipers Execute a Medic an Elderly Man and Injure 300+ In Gaza

Yesterday Israeli regime forces executed two Palestinians and injured upwards of 300, during Friday demonstrations.

According to the Gaza Health Ministry 307 injuries were inflicted, upon demonstrators. Of those injured, 85 were shot with live ammunition, 26 children were injured along with 5 medics.

The Gaza Health Ministry also confirmed the deaths of two Palestinians, who were taking present at the demonstrations. The first confirmed death, was of a young Medic, Abdullah Al-Qatati, the second murdered was 55 year old, Ali Sa’eed Al-Alul.

For the first time, since the first 7 weeks of the ‘Great Return March’ campaign, Israel fired at demonstrators using tank fire. The selling happened to demonstrators East of Al-Bureij refugee camp.

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