Zionist Soldiers Shot Dead Unarmed Palestinian Young Man

TOPSHOTS-MIDEAST-PALESTINIAN-ISRAEL-WESTZionist troops shot a Palestinian dead on the border with Gaza on Saturday night on the third day of Eid al-Fitr celebrated in occupied Palestine.

The 20-year-old young man was shot east of El-Bureij in the central Gaza Strip, a health service official said, without identifying the victim.

He added that the body had been returned to the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist army claimed the young man had been seen behaving suspiciously in an area close to the border fence where explosive devices had been planted in the past.

“Later on, he began crossing the fence with a suspicious object in his possession,” a spokesman told Agence France Presse on Sunday.

He said that after warning shots were ignored, soldiers fired at the man.

A military source said that he was subsequently found to be unarmed.

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