Zionists- backed Terrorists’ Gatherings Razed in Syria Daraa

993959_490123264408998_196858188_nTerrorists’ Gatherings Razed in Daraa

Army units targeted terrorists’ hideouts in the western part of Atman town in Daraa, leaving all members of two terrorist groups dead and wounded, while other units eliminated terrorists near the town of Samlin and destroyed vehicles along with the terrorists inside them on the road between Atman and al-Yaduda.

Other army units destroyed two heavy machine guns mounted on two cars in Nawa and al-Sheikh S’eed in the countryside of Daraa.

Terrorist groups’ gatherings were pounded in the farms surrounding Tall Ashira and in al-N’eimeh town, killing and injuring several of the groups’ members.

Army units destroyed a terrorists’ car having a heavy machine gun mounted on it on Ma’raba-Jemrin road and another car in Um al-Awsaj town, killing all terrorists inside the cars.

Other terrorists were killed in Daraa al-Balad, with army units targeting their gatherings and hideouts near the old customs department, the technical institute, al-Bajabjeh neighborhood, Oum al-Daraj, and al-Urdun Street.


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