Zionists-backed Terrorists Martyred Syrian Army General in Damascus Countryside


Enemies of Resistance martyred Syrian Army General , that’s why they will never learn from their mistakes and they will always lose. When Syrians lose a hero tens of other heroes replace him and that what keeps Syria alive and all other empires throughout history fall.
Paratrooper Brigadier Muhammad Mahmoud Ali Aba Suleiman from the Republican Guards forces martyred during duty cleaning the country from the world’s filthiest filth dumped by NATO and stooges to kill its people and destroy its heritage.
Brigadier Muhammad Ali Syrian Arab Army General Killed in Damascus Countryside
Martyr Paratrooper Brigadier
Muhammad Mahmoud Ali Aba Suleiman
The martyr lost his life on Sunday 21 July 2013 by a treacherous bullet from a wounded FSA terrorist just after completing one of the most successful operations, that led to the eliminating 57 Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists and arresting a dozen more in Adra town, Damascus Countryside, north of the capitol.
One day before martyrdom, Brigadier Suleiman, who was head of the Special Operations Unit in the Republican Guard, led a campaign which eliminated 35 terrorists in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus Countryside, putting the total number of NATO backed Wahhabi savage Jihadist Cannibal Mercenaries he and his unit eliminated at 92 within less than 48 hours.
The hero martyr was from Harf Msaytrah village in Latakia Countryside.
An official funeral was held to the hero martyr attended by hundreds of people from his town and nearby greeting him to his final rest in a show of gratitude to his sacrifice to keep them safe.

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