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ZOF to deport MP Abu Tair to West Bank

Zionist occupation authorities released on Wednesday morning a deportation decision against the Palestinian member of parliament Mohammed Abu Tair from occupied Jerusalem to be deported out to West Bank.

Palestinian sources said that decision of deportation against Abu Tair would take place hours from now.

Palestinian MP Mohammed Abu Tair was kidnapped five months ago by Zionist occupation forces, and now they intend to deport him from jail not to home in Jerusalem , but to occupied West Bank.

Zionist occupation authorities in occupied Jerusalem have released unjust decision of deportation against the Palestinian members of Parliaments in Jerusalem, Mohammed Abu Tair, Mohammed Totah, Ahmed Atton and former Minister of Jerusalem Khalid Abu Arafa under the pretext of their “non-allegiance to Israel”

MP Attoun said that the trial of Abu Tir was of political nature and was not based on any legal foundation, charging that the Israeli judiciary was under the control of the Israeli intelligence.

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