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Islamic Unity

16 January 2018 22:36

Sheikh Shaltut is remembered for encouraging harmonious interactions between the two branches of Islam: Sunni and Shi’i. He maintained close relations with prominent Shi’i figures such as Seyyed Hossein Borujerdi and zealously campaigned for open discussion and cooperation between the two branches. Shaltut desperately wanted to overcome misconstructions and avoid quarrels between the two sects. Shaykh Shaltut’s  fatwa about shia Madhab(1959) is still...

13 January 2018 14:32

Leading Tehran Friday Prayers, Ayatollah Sedighi who said that the National Budget must uphold the rights of the lower classes and added that efficient administration must create job opportunities for the youth. Ayatollah Kazemi Sedighi who led Tehran Friday Prayers today (January 12) stressed, “today, the recent riots are considered as a foreign plot. Such a situation divulges to us the...

3 January 2018 12:46

Iranians from all walks of life have taken to the streets of several cities to renew their allegiance to the Islamic establishment and condemn the recent wave of deadly violence in some areas. Holding banners and national flags, the demonstrators have chanted pro-government slogans during the mass rallies which were held in different towns and cities, including Ahvaz, Kermanshah, Bushehr, Abadan,...

11 December 2017 22:22

WATCH| Erdogan recognised Qods as Capital of Israel on 1/5/2005 Erdogan, "Dear Trump, Qods is red line of Muslims," Butcher Sharon to Muslim (?) Erdogan, "You are welcome to Qods, the capital of Jewish people and Israel,"   WATCH EXCL.| Turkish State TV, TRT Kids, teach Quds as the capital of Killer Israel! ANOTHER SCANDAL ON TURKISH STATE TELEVISION! They teach Qods as the capital of...

10 December 2017 22:23

Oh Our Lord- Part3 is taken from thr poem written by Prominent Sunni Shcolar Ustad Hilmi KOCAASLAN (Hizbullah HAKVERDI) who is living in Turkey now. QUALITY A QUALITY B Youtube:

9 December 2017 23:58

Islamic Unity in the School of Ahlulbayt (A) | Our Stance! A renowned senior Shia scholar explains the stance of Ahlulbayt (A) on "Islamic Unity" and regarding the wives of the Prophet, especially Hz. Aisha.

5 December 2017 11:24

  We are strongly united against the arrogance, said Grand Ayatollah Hossein Noori-Hamedani in a meeting with Grand Mufti of Syria Sheikh Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun in Qom. “ Imam Khomeini was universal , and the development he brought about was global, as well. After the world arrogance united, late Imam Khomeini, for the sake of Allah, stood against the arrogance...

5 December 2017 10:47

  The 31 International Islamic Unity Conference begins in the Iranian capital, Tehran, with 520 dignitaries, ministers, scholars, university professors, and representatives from scientific as well as cultural associations in attendance. The event is held annually on the occasion of the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) in an effort to lay the ground for stronger unity and solidarity among Muslims...

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