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Bediüzzaman Said Nursî

21 June 2015 10:26

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. It was the month of Ramadan in which the Qur’an was bestowed from on high as a guidance unto man and a self-evident proof of that guidance, and as the standard to discern true from false.(2:185) F i r s t  P o i n t The fast of Ramadan is one of the...

26 December 2014 9:44

The Risale-i Nur collection is a six-thousand-page commentary on the Quran written by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi in accordance with the mentality of the age. Since in our age faith and Islam have been the objects of the attacks launched in the name of so called science and logic, Bediuzaman Said Nursi therefore concentrated in the Risale-i Nur on proving the...

2 September 2014 22:34

Europe becomes one union, states of America become ‘United States’, but the Muslims? Busy in fighting with one another, financial and social crisis, Muslim countries in wars, if this is not sufficient then civil wars, bomb blasts, poverty, sanctions, isolation, hatred against each-other, Shias vs Sunnis, I declare you Kafir and I am the only Muslim, foul language, you have...

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