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10th presidential vote turned a new page


Islamic Revolution Leader Imam Ali Khamenei in a meeting with the 10th cabinet, urged them to adopt their predecessors’ approach to issues such as social justice, fight against corruption, humble life styles, sustained effort to solve people’s problems, and noting the deprived areas of the country.
Imam Khamenei also termed the Iran-in-1400 Document as the yard stick for all government activities. Imam Khamenei asked for deliberate and thoughtful implementation of the document in complete accordance with law, while consulting elites, scholars, and religious leaders.
The IR Leader lauded the establishment of the 10th government, saying that 85% enthusiastic and unforgettable presence of the people at Khordad 22nd election polls was proof for free will and responsibility of the nation in choosing their country’s officials.
“Everyone should thank the Almighty God for this blessing towards the system and the revolution,” Ayatollah Imam Khamenei said.
Imam Khamenei pointed out the necessity of true comprehension of the real message of the 40-m presence of the people and electing a president with the new high record of 25 million votes. “If the country’s officials and political experts and elites realize these messages many of the conflicts and problems would be solved,” the IR Leader noted.
Ayatollah Imam Khamenei considered the 85% presence of the people at the election as heavy hammer of republicanism over the head of the enemies of the revolution. “The nation and the Islamic Revolution proved their republican movement with a loud shout,” he said.
Imam Khamenei said that another result of the Khordad 22nd election was the strengthening of the Islamic aspect of the system.
“The comments made by the presidential election candidates on their faithfulness to Islam, the revolution and Imam Khomeini’s line, too, proved that this nation is inclined towards this side and that was why the esteemed candidates tried to show their love for Imam and the revolution,” he noted.
“The 10th Presidential Elections turned a new page in the life of the revolution and the system. Of course the reaction of some individuals towards this huge move of the nation was neither noble, nor gallant, and not even ethical, but what was important for the country and our history and will last is the divine blessing of the people’s great movement and the blessed progress of the Islamic Revolution,” the IR Leader added.
Ayatollah Imam Khamenei encouraged people, and particularly the president to praise God for this divine blessing and to fully refrain from getting haughty, emphasizing, “We need to be proud of the people’s vote and to rely on it, but to do so quite humbly, and to refrain from any type of haughtiness, because haughtiness is one of Satan’s traps and is among the various paths leading towards deviation and degradation.”
Imam Khamenei then appreciated the efforts made by every member of the hard working 9th government and welcomed the entry of the 10th government to the scene of serving the people.
“Under the current situation a huge amount of high quality work need to be done that by favor of God the tireless and energetic president moves in the same direction,” he urged.
The leader of the Islamic Revolution then provided the statesmen with ten advices, including, having strong faith in God and strengthening spirits, which he said are the most important factors that can assist them conquer the entire problems and difficulties.
Ayatollah Khamenei advised the 10th government to be ready for encountering all kinds of ill wishing and conspiracies, adding, “Lots of efforts would be made against this government and this system, but the capabilities, hopes and opportunities of the government and the nation are greater than the entire plots and problems ahead.”
The leader of the Islamic Revolution asked for the continuation of the former government’s efforts on the establishment of justice, campaign against corruption, supporting the weak social classes, observing a modest life style, paying due attention to the deprived parts of the country and spending a never ending effort aimed at solving the people’s problems.
“Continuing such efforts would please both God and the nation,” he noted.
Imam Khamenei referred to the need for presenting a precise definition for justice, reiterating, “Justice must be observed in every deed and behavior, and even in making judgments and adopting stands.”
In justice seeking efforts he advised observing wisdom and spirituality as necessities, adding, “Some extremist moves of some groups in the past have led to their 180 degree change of stands, because justice seeking was not accompanied relying on rationalism.”
The IR Leader’s third suggestion to the 10th government was paying full attention to implementation of the 20 Year Perspective Document.
“The significance of the Vision Document is in a way next to the Constitution, the country’s most important document, and therefore, the government’s entire efforts and orientations need to be evaluated with the index of the Perspective Document,” Ayatollah Khamenei said.
He noted that with four years past the implementation of the Vision Document “We should be proceeding towards the bright future predicted in this important document and the 10th government should while settling the pace of implementing the projects, try to gain its own share of materializing this document.”
Full implementation of the policies of Article 44 was the other suggestion of the IR Leader to the president and his new cabinet.
Ayatollah Khamenei said that the work done in that respect thus far has been insufficient, adding, “We need not wait for major reforms in infrastructure apparatus and the ratification of the Economic Overhaul Plan.”
Ayatollah Imam Khamenei asked the 10th government members to refrain from hastiness in devising economic projects and to take appropriate advantage of experts’ viewpoints.
The IR Leader also advised the president and his cabinet to pay full attention to proper choice of goals in cultural fields.
“The officials are obliged to take care of the people side by side and guide them, and therefore, the potentials and possibilities of the state organs such as the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), the Education Ministry, and the Higher Education system should be utilized in a way to increase the people’s love for religion,” the IR Leader urged.
Rejecting any meaningless and extremist approaches in cultural field, Ayatollah Khamenei added, “We need to propagate the issues that have proper religious and jurisprudence bases and to propagate and promote them proudly.”
Ayatollah Khamenei advised the 10th government fully and precisely abide by laws, reiterating, “If in a case the laws would be breached, the matter would not end merely by violation of a law, rather it marks a beginning of broader lawlessness.”
Being broadminded and good natured, listening to the reviews and criticism of the critics was the eighth suggestion of the leader to the new government.
The leader of the Islamic Revolution said that the 9th government deserves divine gifts for having tolerated insults and enmities, adding, “Getting tired in this path is not allowed and the little criticisms should not be regarded as enmities.”
Ayatollah Khamenei also advised the president and his colleagues at the government to take full advantage of the advice by the sources of jurisprudence, Alims, and the great religious personalities.
He also encouraged welcoming the criticism made by the academic elites, that would further strengthen the relations and serve as a backing for the government.
Planning and devising an Islamic-Iranian pattern for progress and taking advantage of the elites in order to complete that pattern were the IR Leader’s final recommendation to the government.
“Move in a way that your four year opportunity would provide strong pillars for the future officials and by favor of God you would launch a stronger movement than the 9th government,” Ayatollah Khamenei urged.

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