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12 Years Ago… Resistance Changed all Balances!

May 25, 2000, is not a day like all the others…

May 25, 2000, is the day when the Resistance imposed itself as the most competent player in the region, the day in which the Resistance declared new rules and changed all balances.
It’s the day which ended an era of defeats, frustration, humiliation and failure. It’s the day which started a new era of victories, pride and honor.
May 25, 2000, is the day which proved to the whole world that injustice cannot last long, and that pure blood could attain victory, regardless of all circumstances…

Historic Day…

12 years ago, the liberation has been achieved, and South Lebanon was regained by its people who fired the arrogant occupier without anything in return.
Perhaps, it’s the most important and most strategic “victory” in the nation’s history, the one which launched a new stage led by a powerful and confident Resistance, which does not fear the so-called “unbeatable” enemy.

According to southerners, this day is simply not like others. It is an unprecedented day in the nation’s history, the day which put an end to the principle of “surrender” within the Arab societies. It is the day which ended the notions of “humiliation” and “shame” which come in harmony with “occupation” in general.
Furthermore, this “historic” day accomplished the “impossible” mission of uniting Lebanese, from all sets and political backgrounds, around one and only one theme: resisting the enemy and defeating the occupation.

From Defeat to Victory…

In May 26, 2000, Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said it loud, from the southern town of Bint Jbeil.

“We meet here to celebrate the victory that martyrdom and blood [of the martyrs] has attained,” his eminence declared, as he paid tribute to the martyrs of the Resistance as well as the fighting, resisting, and sacrificing persons who left their homes, families, universities, and work to spend their fresh youth and age sustaining jihad and fighting.

“We’re here today feeling free and safe, for the enemy’s aircraft do not dare fly above you, and I tell you that because the “Israelis” are scared of and horrified by a wooden miniature, a toy, or a statue of a Katyusha launcher in Kafarkila. So they are too coward to attack you on a day like this,” Sayyed Nasrallah said of the unparalleled victory.

That’s it. For the first time ever, sacrifices have perfectly retained an Arab land upon the resistance and force. And this is how May 25, 2000, is believed to be the first certain, complete, and comprehensive response to a history of defeats inflicted by the “Israeli” enemy upon Arabs, as strategic expert and Lebanese Army Brigadier General Amin Hoteit told

According to Hoteit, the Resistance succeeded in reversing the equations. “Arabs who were used to defeats here and there could discover something new and could oblige the so-called unbeatable enemy to sense defeat,” he added.

Hoteit said that May 25, 2000 constituted a main strategic change in the nature of the conflict with the “Israeli” enemy. “The Zionist entity was expanding, since 1948 and until 1982, based on the Ben Gurion philosophy. However, the Resistance changed the equation, and imposed a new philosophy stipulation; its borders drawn by the blood of the resisting martyrs who are able to oblige the enemy to surrender without any return.”

Resistance… with No Boundaries

The 2000 liberation was therefore the first victory of its kind. What distinguished it as well was the fact that it showed a confident Resistance, which was able to force the enemy to withdraw, according to a timing and tactic set by the fighters. It was not difficult for the Resistance afterwards to prove to be a nation that deserves victory.

This is not everything. The originality of the victory resided in the fact that it was not limited to Lebanon. “May 25 was the title of the victory of Lebanon in a direct way, but also the victory of the Arabs given that Lebanon belongs to Arabism,” Brigadier General Amin Hoteit said.

“The Liberation Day was also an Islamic victory, since the main title under which the Resistance operated throughout the previous two decades was Islamic,” he went on to say.

Hoteit pointed to the Resistance examples following the 2000 scenario in other places such as Afghanistan, Iraq and, of course, Gaza. “All this leads to the spontaneous conviction that the 2000 Liberation was actually a victory for the resistance path and the resistance intellect, which was not limited to Lebanon but included the whole region.

The Brigadier General went on to say that the Resistance intellect is behind the toppling of the American new Middle-East scheme. Even more, he said that without the liberation of 2000, the current strategic transformations witnessed in the region would not have seen light.

“Israeli”… Last War!

Following the 2000 victory, the “Israeli” dreams and ambitions obviously continued. However, the enemy was forced to accept the new balances set by the Resistance. What was believed to be an unbeatable army before 2000, thanks to the Resistance, turned to be a scared and horrified army. All tactics used afterwards by the enemy, alongside its so-called media and psychological wars, failed in meeting their objectives.

“Israel faced moral and strategic losses more than anything else,” Brigadier General Amin Hoteit told He explained that “Israel” entered the circle of “inability”.

The 2000 liberation ended the notions of “humiliation” and “shame” which come in harmony with “occupation”
He highlighted that “Israel”, after the 2000 Liberation, was missing its legal and tangible powers at the same time. “Its loss of the two faces of force means that it has entered the path of compromise,” he went on to say.

Hoteit expressed belief that the “Israeli” enemy has no choice other than waging war. However, he stressed that such decision, whenever taken, would be the “last war” for “Israel” as it would be the war which would end the “Israeli” role.
He said that this decision is still far, and ruled out an imminent war in the region. From his perspective, the new “Israeli” government is not a government ready to make war decisions, instead, it was formed to seek to save the “Israeli” components.

According to Brigadier General Amin Hoteit, the question is no longer whether the Zionist entity would remain, or otherwise, wiped off the map. The question is “how long would “Israel” survive before vanishing.”

The 2000 victory of the Islamic Resistance actually started “Israel’s life” countdown!

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