13 Army and Security Forces Martyrs Laid to Rest in Syria

With flowers and laurel wreathes, thirteen army and security forces martyrs on Saturday were escorted from Tishreen Military Hospital to their final resting place in their cities and villages.

The martyrs were targaeted by the armed terrorist groups while they were in the line of duty in Damascus Countryside.

Solemn processions were held for the martyrs as they were carried on shoulders and covered with the national flag while the Military Band was playing the “Martyr” and the “Farewell” music.

The martyrs are :

-Chief Warrant Officer, Abdul-Karim Ammar Ammar from Hama.

-Chief Warrant Officer, Karim Suleiman Uraej from Sweida.

-Chief Warrant Officer, Walid Fadil Ridan from Sweida.

-Chief Warrant Officer, Nabil Abbas Suleiman from Lattakia.

-Warrant Officer, Rami Khudir Bilal from Lattakia.

-Warrant Officer, Rakan Mohana Mounzer from Sweida.

-Warrant Officer, Abdul-Hai Ahmad al-Hasan from Hasaka.

-Warrant Officer, Ahmad Mahmoud Sharaf Eddin from Damascus Countryside.

-Sergeant Major, Ali Ahmad Khaddar from Lattakia.

-Sergeant, Ali Hatem al-Ba’arini from Hama.

-Sergeant, Ayman Ali Nayyouf from Hama.

-Policeman Housam Hussein Hamad, from Homs.

-Civil Worker, Louai Ismael Azzam from Sweida.

Relatives of the martyrs expressed confidence in the Syrian people’s ability to overcome the crisis through adhering to the national unity, asserting that the blood of their sons shed in defense of the homeland will make Syria stronger and more able to face challenges and defend its national stances.

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