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14 Algerian Parties Refuse to Receive French President

Fourteen Algerian political parties opposed the upcoming visit by French President Francois Hollande, set to arrive in the country on December 19.

In a joint statement, the parties urged the Algerian authorities not to receive Hollande and his delegation.

They said the French leader’s visit was “useless” as long as his government does not recognize its crime against the Algerian people, Arabstoday reported.

Among the political parties to sign the statement were the Ennahda Movement, the Movement of Society for Peace, the Movement for National Reform and the Algerian National Front.

The statement criticized the “Algerian authorities’ failure to vigorously defend the demands of the Algerian people.”

“National figures and political forces have to uncover France’s suspicious policy towards Algeria’s division, which was demonstrated through the shameless role the country plays in Mali crisis,” the statement added.

The Algerian government should demand France to give up the military option in the Malian crisis, the political parties said. France should also formally apologize for occupying Algeria and make this a precondition to any further cooperation with France, said the statement.

They also demanded the Algerian government the issuance of a law criminalizing colonialism.

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