200 Turkish Soldiers Dressed as Al Nusra Front Militias Enter Aleppo

Free Syrian Army fighters are seen in the Al-khalidiya neighbourhood of Homs News sources say 150 to 200 Turkish officers and soldiers entered Aleppo while dressed as Al Nusra Front terrorists and they are reportedly planning to target Syrian Kurds.
Alahd News Network reported that a lot of information is available indicating that Turkish forces disguised as Al Nusra Front terrorists entered Aleppo later last night.

Alahd News Network quoted local sources as saying that Turkish forces settled in Bani Zeid region of Sheikh Maqsood and Al-Ashrafiya-two of the main Kurdish districts of Syria.

According to the obtained data, 150 to 200 Turkish officers and soldiers, crossed the Azaz-Kilis border and entered the Syrian territory with their military vehicles and equipment.

Local sources announced that the entering of the Turkish forces in the Bani Zeid region- if confirmed- proves that Al Nusra front and Jaish al Hurr forces have been uniting and collaborating to attack Syrian Kurish districts.

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