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2000 VICTORY: 18 Years of Resistance, 22 Years of Victory: White Story of Yellow Flag

The zionist military leader and politician Moshe Dayan once boasted that the musical band in the Israeli army can invade and occupy Lebanon. However, Hezbollah refuted Dayan’s claim and consecrated the notion that all the Zionist military units cannot occupy Lebanon.

This is the brief synopsis of the white story of the Yellow Flag which has given the nation the ultimate pride and power on the way to the ultimate victory of eradicating the cancerous presence of the Zionist entity.

The dawn of May 25, 2000, witnessed the defeat of the gigantic military machine run by the Zionist gangs and their supporters in the Middle East and the whole world.

The painful strikes of the Resistance obliged the coward command of ‘Israel’ to take the final decision of withdrawing all occupation troops from most of the Lebanese territories, except Shebaa Farms and Kfarshuba Hills.

The Lebanese resistance included in the 1980s and 1990s several factions; however, Hezbollah has raised the Yellow flag of the confrontation with the Zionist enemy since 1982.

18 years of the resistance enabled Lebanon to achieve a historical victory over the Israeli enemy. forcing the occupation troops to withdraw humiliatingly.

However, the insightful command of Hezbollah has seen that the confrontation with the treacherous Zionists must continue till the end of the existential threat they pose.

Thus, the Resistance kept its weaponry ready to be used whenever the Israeli enemy attacks Lebanon. The Resistance command even remained augmenting its military power, which enabled Hezbollah to repel the Zionist aggression on Lebanon in 2006 and maintained the balance of deterrence formula on the borders.

In other words, Hezbollah has preserved its military power in order to sustain the victory which is now older than the pre-liberation resistance stage.

The Islamic Revolution Leader Imam Ruhollah Khomeini once said that preserving victory is harder than achieving it. This makes the 22 years of Hezbollah victory as important as the years of resistance in face of the Israeli enemy.

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