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Imam Khomeini revived Islam: Fahmi Huwaidi – Egyptian analyst


An Egyptian analyst says Iran’s revolution has been a move forward for Islamic Umma and a legacy, to be appreciated by all.
Addressing International conference on Imam Khomeini and foreign policy, held in Foreign Ministry Studies Office, and entitled ‘Popular Islamic Movements and Change in Imam Khomeini’s View,’ Fahmi Huwaidi said that “when the Islamic Revolution in Iran succeeded, I was working in Kuwait. At that time, books by Imam Khomeini were being published in disguise and with different forms.”

“ so, I had time to receive some messages about Islamic government and Jihad,” added he, and that “as a researcher, the first message I got was that authentic Islam was against social and political despotism and that a real Muslim should not be given to tyranny.”

Fahmi assessed the Iran’s revolution as an ‘endeared and historic legacy by Imam Khomeini,’ and a great responsibility on the shoulders of humanity. “Iran’s revolution Iran’s revolution has been a move forward for Islamic Umma and a legacy, to be appreciated by all,” he emphasized.

Egyptian analyst pointed out that the reforming global arrogance was a Quranic interpretation, but that “Imam presented it as a political message.”

“The term ‘arrogance,’ was coined by Imam in order for Islamic Umma to exploit the conception, and it was a cunning view that targeted the major point,” he added.

“Imam Khomeini emphasized that even in political developments the Shah was the major issue, and nothing else, and so he targeted overthrow of Shah, which was indicative of his true judgment,” Huwaidi continued.

Huwaidi also said that “this direct targeting led Iran also to target Israel and the US.”

“Great revolutions used great intellectual forces. From the beginning, Imam Khomeini was trusting on God, and this was not without political awareness. He defied the great powers and took strong anti-US and anti-Israel positions,” he said, and that “of course that was not without costs to gain freedom and independence for Iran and Iran has been paying costs for freedom and independence.”

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