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2017: Sayyed Nasrallah Says Will No Longer Talk about Terrorist Threat in Arsal Barrens, Hezbollah Notifies Lebanese Army Command about Start of Operations

In the tenth episode of Al-Manar TV Documentary, Second Liberation Secrets, Hezbollah military campaign against the Nusra Front terrorists in 2017 is detailed.

As the terrorist threat against the northeastern Lebanese areas started to remarkably augment due to car bombs dispatched by the takfirist to the residential areas and the missile fire at the various Bekaa towns, Hezbollah command took the final decision to eradicate the terrorist groups deployed in Arsal-Qalamoun outskirts.

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah stressed just before the operation that it was the last time he tackles this issue in his speeches, confirming that the final decision to strike the terrorists had been taken. Moreover, the party’s coordination and liaison official, Hajj Wafiq Safa, visited the Lebanese army commander-in-chief, General Joseph Aoun, and informed him about the start of the operation.

The military preparations of the troops were completed as the Resistance intelligence agency provided the military command about secret meeting of the commander of Nusra Front terrorist group, Abu Malik Al-Talli.

According to the confidential document, Al-Talli discussed with his aides Hezbollah operation and expressed fears of the military capabilities of the Resistance and its coordination with the Lebanese army.

On May 21, 2017, Hezbollah operations against Nusra Front terrorists in Arsal-Qalamoun barrens started.

Due to the fierceness of the clashes, Saraya Ahl Al-Sham group (Nusra Front ally) withdrew from the battle and surrendered to Hezbollah and the Syrian army.


After liberating Dahr Al-Huwa and Al-Anzah heights and planting Hezbollah flag on their peak, the Resistance fighters managed to complete The first phase of the operations against Nusra Front terrorists in Arsal-Qalamoun barrens.

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