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22nd of Bahmand is the day of unity against the arrogance

images (21)“22nd of Bahman (February 10th) is the day of unity for Iranian nation against the arrogant ,” said Head of the Erfaniyeh Seminary in the North Khorasan, Hajj Akhound Abdollah Amani, reported Taqrib News Agency (TNA).

The Sunni Scholar, in an exclusive interview with TNA, underscored,” undoubtedly, both Shia and Sunni people will partake in the 22nd of Bahman, making their enemies despondent.”

“After elapsing three decades of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, the enemies still try to damage this country through concocting different machinations against this nation,” said the religious scholar.

“But fortunately because of the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the enemies never succeeded in destroying the standing unity among Shia and Sunni people,” Hajj Akhound Abdollah Amani underlined.

The religious scholar pointed to the effective role of Imam Khomeini (RA) in uplifting unity among Muslims and said, “the late Imam Khomeini (RA) could make a brotherhood and unity among Shia and Sunni people of Iran and keeping this nation safe from the enemies’ plots.”

Head of the Erfaniyeh Seminary in the North Khorasan also indicated to the recent achievements of Iranian nation in different realms and said,” Islam revolution of Iran turned to a model for other Muslim nations, due to the fact the Iranian officials abide by the Islamic and religious instructions and teachings.

“The Islamic revolution of Iran happened and formed based on the religious teachings and this system supported by the mercies of God,” said the Sunni scholar.

Hajj Akhound Abdollah Amani went on, “Nowadays, Islamic Revolution of Iran is the only country, in which all the religious instructions considered and carried out.”

“In this country all Muslims from different denominations of Shia and Sunni live together without any problems,” said the religious cleric.

“Islamic Republic of Iran is the only country in which justice stand among all its people and standing justice among Shia and Sunni people can prove such fact,” The Sunni scholar mentioned.

The Sunni scholar of North Khorasan also urged all Iranian people from different denominations to take part in the 22nd of Bahman.

During the ten-day dawn festivities, Iranians take part in different events and activities to remember their revolution.

Every year tens of millions of Iranians also take to the streets to commemorate the final day of the festivities, on the 22nd of Bahman, or February 10th, which marks the victory of the Islamic revolution.

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